Honda Technology

Cutting-edge technology and the spirit of Honda:

Our fundamental design philosophy seeks to maximize space and comfort for people, while minimizing the space required for mechanical components. With this aim in mind, Honda's R&D activities include product-specific development and fundamental research.

Let's talk about few of the advanced technologies that we have:

Combi Break System

Generally, it is not easy to control a 2-wheeler while braking during emergencies and bad road conditions. This system not only allows easy & simultaneous operation of the front & rear brake but also provides optimal braking performance. Once the left side brake lever is pressed, the system distributes the appropriate braking power between the front and rear wheels, which assures complete safety for the rider.

HondaMatic Transmission

The compact, efficient & oil pressure controlled Hondamatic Transmission is the world's first fully automatic transmission system, which delivers a dynamic combination of torque & excellent accelerator response for a constant and superior driving experience. The transmission is being used in Honda's all terrain vehicles. Honda is working hard to introduce this Hondamatic in two-wheelers.

Fuel Injection System

Honda's fuel injection technology is designed to realize ideal combustion, which results in delivering maximum power output, greatly improved fuel efficiency and yet be environment-friendly.

Idle Stop System

Honda has created an advanced Idle Stop System (see image below) that reduces fuel consumption while totally blocking out toxic exhaust gas and unwanted noise. It enables the engine to stop automatically for 3 seconds after the vehicle stops moving. And when the throttle is opened, the vehicle engine restarts and takes off smoothly.

Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle, Honda FCX

The Honda FCX has become the first fuel cell vehicle in the world to receive government certification, paving the way for the commercial use of fuel cell vehicles. Honda FCX has earned approval from the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and CARB (California Air Resource Board). Honda FCX manages to produce 81 bhp and 26 massive kgm of torque. The vehicle is said to achieve powerful off- the- line acceleration and a top speed of 150 kph. With 156.6 litre capacity in the 350 - atmosphere high pressure fuel tank, FCX has a range of 355 kms.


ASIMO is a symbol of Honda's advanced technology, and a member of Honda's fourth line of mobility creations, after motorcycles, automobiles and general power products. ASIMO is an achievement in the evolution of 'Human Walk' technology. This technology, called I-Walk*, enables ASIMO to move back and forth, vary its pace, step right and left and walk along an '8' shape path. ASIMO can also move in more complex ways, such as waving its hands while walking.This humanoid robot has put Honda at the front of cutting edge technology that promises to improve the quality of our lives. To know more about ASIMO –